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PACE – is a voluntary program that allows home owners to finance energy efficiency improvements and pay them back through special assessments backed by municipal bonds.  The advantages of PACE funding of these improvements is that it doesn’t affect a homeowner’s credit, the improvements are amortized over a longer period (up to 20 years), so the improvements are cash flow positive, and the cost of the improvements stay with the house.  

The advantages of Energy Equity Funding’s method of implementing PACE:
Improvements are bracketed by energy audits, making sure that the improvements actually help make the home more energy efficient.

The energy audits generate metrics which the municipality can then use to monitor the overall progress of the project.

When the improvements are completed, the homeowner will receive certification of the home’s energy equity, increasing the home’s value on the market, and verifying that the improvements are cash flow positive.

Homeowner can not utilize the funds for things other than energy efficiency projects, which can burden the property with debt that doesn’t have a positive cash flow effect.

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About PACE
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