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Energy Equity Funding's Team:

  1. Byron DeLear — Enviro-entrepreneur, founding incorporator for the Missouri Association of Accredited Energy Professionals, Chairman/CEO of Energy Equity Funding, LLC.

  2. Tom Appelbaum, J.D., M.B.A. — Attorney, Geologist, founding board member of Missouri Assoc. of Accredited Energy Professionals, President/COO of Energy Equity Funding, LLC.

  3. Armstrong Teasdale Future Energy Group — Legal: Robert Klahr, Mark Boatman

  4. LaDonna Appelbaum — Business Development

  5. Jonathan Lehmann/Cambium Creative — Marketing

Energy Equity Funding, LLC was created through a coalition of stakeholders in the midwest that are committed to growing the market for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

Energy Equity Funding, LLC has taken part in the Midwest Energy and Climate Conference, hosted by Regform. You can read more about this influential conference here.

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