Energy Equity Funding provides clean energy program design, expert consulting and turnkey administration for PACE and other energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for residential and commercial properties.

Energy Equity Funding is program administrator for Set the PACE St. Louis and Arkansas Advanced Energy Equity Program.

Energy Equity Funding provides clean energy program design, expert consulting and turnkey administration for PACE and other energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for residential and commercial properties. As part of the City of St. Louis' sustainability efforts, the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program offers City building owners financing of qualifying energy efficiency and clean energy improvements through a voluntary tax assessment, using the owner's future energy savings as positive cash flow. Energy Equity Funding's unique financing mechanism streamlines the approval process and enables more building owners to enjoy the energy savings and other benefits that result from adding energy efficiency and/or renewable energy improvements to their buildings. Set the PACE St. Louis is a nationally recognized program noted for quick turnaround from application to financing approval. For program details, see the Set the PACE St. Louis website, constructed and maintained by Energy Equity Funding.

Fayetteville, Arkansas became the state's first to launch a city-wide PACE financing program on Dec. 11, 2014. Arkansas Advanced Energy Equity Funding (A2E2) is administered by A2E2, LLC, on behalf of the city of Fayetteville, AR. A2E2, LLC was incorporated in 2014 by the Arkansas Advanced Energy Association (AAEA) and Energy Equity Funding (EEF). "Fayetteville is committed to an energy future that is cleaner, more efficient and more reliable," said Mayor Jordan of Fayetteville during the kickoff press conference announcing the program. The A2E2 program offers opportunities for eligible commercial property owners within the City of Fayetteville to access 100% property-assessed financing for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation property improvements. The A2E2 loans will be secured by the property's tax assessment. For more information, please go to the website at, which was constructed and is maintained by Energy Equity Funding.

Energy Equity Funding can help you leverage the capital investment opportunity and realize the huge savings that energy efficiency and renewable energy provides.

Energy Efficiency is the most inexpensive energy resource—with a 400% return for every dollar spent.

A recent Rockefeller / Deutsch Bank report (March / 2012) stated that an investment of $279 billion toward upgrading and replacing energy-consuming equipment in U.S. buildings could yield more than $1 trillion in energy savings over 10 years, equivalent to savings of approximately 30% of the annual electricity spending in the United States.

Through our clean energy program design and administration, Energy Equity Funding emphasizes quality control and assurance, consumer protections, maximized efficiency and return-on-investment for our municipal partners, homeowners and commercial property participants. We maintain and utilize a network of trade alliances with Missouri Energy Auditors, Bankers, Realtors, local and national environmental groups and approved local home builders and contractors to guarantee results and satisfy the unique needs and characteristics of the Midwestern marketplace.

Energy Equity Funding provides turnkey Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) administration and financing services.

PACE is a new funding model already adopted in 27 states that allows local governments to partner with property owners to achieve savings on energy costs through energy efficiency retrofits, create thousands of jobs that can't be outsourced and make our communities safer, smarter and more sustainable.

The highlights of the PACE model employed by Energy Equity Funding, LLC are:

  1. Each home project is bracketed by energy audits, providing quality control and metrics.

  2. Audits follow statewide standards, ensuring that the auditor output is effective at providing quality control and metrics.

  3. Community banks provide interim financing that makes the overall projects scalable and minimizes up front costs to the homeowner and the municipalities.

  4. Home projects are focused on efficiency, as dictated by the audits, assuring best ROI for the investments and maximizing the benefits of renewable energy sources.

  5. Homeowner has the option of being certified as energy efficient through the Missouri Association of Accredited Energy Professionals, increasing the value of their home.

  6. With the detailed metrics provided by the energy audits before and after the upgrades, communities will be able to satisfy reporting requirements, demonstrate the effectiveness of the projects, and be poised to take advantage of carbon credit exchange markets.

For more information about PACE and other available programs for making your home more efficient and saving money every month, please contact Energy Equity Funding, LLC.


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